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Featured Product: Siemens Unity 3


  In March 2014, Siemens officially presented Unity 3, the latest version of their diagnostic and fitting system for hearing care professionals. Presented at at the American Academy of Audiology's AudiologyNOW! conference in Orlando, Florida, The system combines all of the hearing care professional’s work steps in a single, time-saving process: from computer-assisted hearing ability measurement to the individual fitting of the selected hearing aids. 

Unity 3 consists of four modules: the audiometer module that measures hearing ability, the in-the-ear measurement module for in situ hearing aid fittings, the module for the latest in measuring procedures, such as speech-mapping and percentile analysis, and the test box for checking the hearing devices’ parameters. Unity 3 works as a computer-supported system. The control software is geared toward the hearing care professional’s typical workflows and can be customized according to personal requirements. The software not only supports the hearing care professional in adjusting the hearing instruments to the customer’s hearing ability, but illustrates to the hearing aid wearers how the sound they hear differs from the actual sound and how the hearing devices can equalize this difference.


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