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Medical Exhibitions and Conferences, Healthcare Exhibitions and Conferences, Hospital Exhibitions, Medical and Hospital Equipment and Supplies Exhibitions, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Technology Exhibitions and Conferences.

This innovative conference includes presentations and discussions on the latest developments in new insulin analogues and delivery systems, insulin pumps, glucose sensors, closed-loop systems devices for diabetic prevention, artificial pancreas, new technologies for treating obesity and many more.
Reed Messe Wien Conference Centre
5-8 February 2014


European Congress of Radiology

The ECR is a dynamic and service-oriented congress, regarded as one of the most innovative meetings within the scientific community.
Austria Centre
6-10 March 2014

DIA EuroMeeting 2014

DIA is a neutral, global, nonprofit association that provides knowledge resources across the full spectrum of medical product development.. The DIA’s Annual EuroMeeting is global in scope and attracts well over 3,000 professionals from more than 50 countries. It brings together professionals from the biopharmaceutical industry, contract research and service organisations, academic research centres, regulatory agencies and health ministries as well as delegates from patient organisations

Austria Centre

25-27 March 2014


Networking World Anesthesia Convention

Networking World Anesthesia Convention (NWAC) is a global educational organization with world-wide presence, independent of transnational politics, international conflicts, and political disagreements. In its 5 years of existence this anesthesia conference has trained countless doctors and other health care professionals across the globe, and will continue to do the same in the years to come.

Reed Messe Wien Conference Centre

30 April-3 May 2014


MSACL 2014: Clinical Mass Spectrometry

Salzburg, Austria

2-5 September 2014 


European Association for the Study of Diabetes Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the EASD is held in a different European city each year. In 2014, it will take place in September in Vienna, Austria.


Reed Messe Wien Conference Centre
15-19 September 2014

Vienna, Austria

22-25 September 2014


22nd Conference on Eating Disorders, Alpbach

Alpbach, Austria

16-18 October 2014


22nd United European Gastroenterology Week

Vienna, Austria

18-22 October 2014


European Society of Cardiology EuroEcho 2014

Wein, Austria

3-6 December 2014


The 2nd World Congress on Clinical Lipidology

Vienna, Austria

5-7 December 2014


European Congress of Radiology 2015

Wein, Austria

4-8 March 2015

Vienna, Austria
28-31 March 2015
Vienna, Austria
26-30 May 2015
17th World Conference on Lung Cancer 2016

Vienna, Austria

4–7 December 2016



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