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Gebrüder Martin GmbH & Co.KG
Postfach 60
D-78501 Tuttlingen
Ludwigstaler Strasse 132
D-78532 Tuttlingen, Germany
Tel: + 49-7461/706-0
Fax: + 49-7461/706-193 

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Martin - your Competent Partner in Medical Technology

The success of an idea
In 1923 seven independent specialist manufacturers of surgical instruments decided to cooperate for the distribution of their products. This cooperation has proven very successfully. Today, the group has more than 700 employees and an annual turnover of more than 75 mio EUR. High quality, perfect know-how and acknowledged competence are a reliable foundation for success - also in the future.

Complete product range
Almost 12.000 special products are manufactured and used in operation theatres, medical and dental practices, ambulances and clinics as well as mobile care stations all over the world, indicated also by our slogan "Martin - your competent partner in the operating field". Our production programme covers the following product groups:

* Surgical instruments of all disciplines
* Disposable scalpels and blades
* Orthopaedic implants
* Instruments and implants for Oral, Plastic and Craniomaxillofacial Surgery
* Dental instruments
* Container systems for sterilization and storage
* Lights for operation theatres and examination, also with integrated video system
* Electrosurgical devices
* Universal surgical ceiling supply units
* Medical laser systems

Perfect solutions by innovative products
The use of modern materials and the permanent improvement of existing products as well as high annual investments for research and development guarantee competitive strength. The close inter-discipline cooperation of research staff and technicians with universities all over the world, together with the product managers in our factories, results in a continuous dynamic development.

Comprehensive quality guarantee
All products of the Martin group are perfectly functional and of intelligent operation, on a high quality standard. Severe controls ensure a complete quality assurance. Our system conforms to the international standard ISO/EN/DIN 9001 but also meets the significantly higher requirements of EN/DIN 46001 and the EU legislation relating to medical devices.

Global range of action
The success of the Martin group is based on the outstanding quality of the products and constant innovative achievements in the field of research and development. From the beginning in 1923 with 50 staff members a company group with world-wide presence has developed. 70 % of the products are exported to 140 countries. Our products are distributed exclusively by specialised dealers.

Martin is present on numerous congresses and exhibitions in order to inform distributors and users. Modern training programs and informative catalogues and folders, also in foreign languages, complete our service. Many visitors come to our showroom and factory in Tuttlingen for information, training and planning discussions.

Our Aims
Just as in 1923, when the vision of one man led to the creation of the Martin group, we now need to explore new concepts and engage in new ventures to help shaping the future.

The challenges confronting the Company today are essentially
* to produce the highest quality in products and service for the benefit of the medical profession and patients alike.
* to achieve maximum cost/benefit ratios through intelligent solutions.
* to improve continuously the relationship with our customers world-wide.
Pictures: - Dental exhibition 1937
- Medica 1999 

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