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Medi-Stim ASA
Fernanda Nissensgt. 3.
Oslo, Norway 

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 Medi-Stim develops, manufactures and distributes solutions for cardiac and vascular surgery.
The Company's main focus is intraoperative quality control applications for cardiac and vascular surgeons. Medi-Stim is the leading provider of quality control applications for use in the operating theatre during cardiac and vascular surgery. The products are developed to assist the surgeon and the operating team during the surgical procedures and are designed to verify and document quality.

Medi-Stim's state-of-the-art applications are based on ultrasound-, transit-time- and Doppler-technologies. Medi-Stim's strategy is to play a key role in performing and developing quality control of cardiac and vascular surgery. Medi-Stim plans to contribute in the development of minimal invasive surgery.

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