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 3B Scientific GmbH
Rudorffweg 8, D-21031
Hamburg, Germany
Tel: +49 40 73 96 60
fax: +49 40 73 96 61 00

Website: Website


3B Scientific enters a new dimension of realism in manufacture of human skull replicas
The market leaderĂ­s latest innovation - the 3B Scientific® System Skull product line - was designed for the highest standards in medical education. Thanks to the use of the new 3B BONElike® material and sophisticated production procedures, the skulls are absolutely realistic in both appearance and weight.

All bony anatomical details are represented so true to life that the models can hardly be distinguished from the first-class original skull that was used for the casting. Even the nasal sinuses are shown in their natural molding. For a close study of the nasal turbinate the nasal septurn is detachable. Even the teeth are individually removable.

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