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Abaxis, Inc
main telephone: 510/675-6500
Main fax : 510/441-6150
European Sales and Marketing Director
Abaxis European Headquaters
Heidelberger Landstr. 230
D - 64297 Darmstadt
Phone: +49 6151 350 790
Fax: +49 6151 3507911

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Abaxis produces point-of-care blood analyzers which provide clinicians with rapid blood-constituent measurements for both humans and animals. The analyzers are designed to be portable, require minimal training, provide on-the-spot results, and offer built-in quality control and calibration. The analyzers come with the reagent discs required to perform several of the most common blood tests.

Abaxis markets the system under the name VetScan® in the veterinary market and under the name Piccolo® in the human medical market. The company is developing a wider range of tests to penetrate the human diagnostic market. The Abaxis Piccolo and VetScan systems have set a new standard in point-of-care diagnostics. These simple, portable, easy-to-use chemistry panel systems are marketed to decentralized clinical environments where sample logistics, patient transportation, and result-reporting problems have a significant impact on the quality of patient care.

By targeting such facilities and practices, Abaxis' product strategy is to provide clinicians and veterinarians with diagnostic tools to evaluate general health, organ function and disease status and to monitor therapies. Abaxis product development is driven by the requirements of the marketplace. Test methods and panels are first developed to gain entry into new markets. Follow-on test panels are later offered to address other specific needs in each target market.

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