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Ansell Europe
Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.
Riverside Business Park
Spey House
Boulevard International 55
Brussels, Belgium, 1070

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A leader
Ansell Healthcare is a worldwide leader in hand protection for healthcare practitioners.
In hospitals and non-hospital settings
At Ansell Professional Healthcare, we manufacture and market a wide range of surgical and examination gloves.
Our extensive portfolio of powdered, powder-free and synthetic examination and surgical gloves provides appropriate barrier protection for all healthcare professionals.

In hospitals, caregivers use our standard surgery gloves and specialty gloves for micro-surgery, orthopaedics and X-ray protection;
our complete range of examination gloves.
In non-hospital settings, the same professional gloves are used by

independent nursing professionals;
private practitioners;
laboratory staff.
Major milestones
Our recent history contains a number of milestones that place us in a class of our own:

we launched the first disposable surgical gloves in the 1950s;
on top of our own internal development, our portfolio has expanded with the acquisition of Smith & Nephew's line in 1995 and of the Micro-Touch range in 2000;
we pioneered the marketing of synthetic, accelerator-free surgical gloves;
over the last year we have played a major role in the switch-over of different markets from powdered to powder-free gloves, or from powder-free to synthetic gloves.

Our R&D department is also engaged in ongoing research to develop the next generations of natural latex and synthetic products. All these achievements have contributed to Ansell's solid reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, innovative medical gloves.

Managing risks
The use of Ansell examination and surgical gloves protects professional healthcare workers and patients alike. The key need of allergy prevention is met with high quality, low-allergen latex gloves as well as latex-free gloves (surgical and examination). Offering optimal ease of use, the latex-free gloves match the recognised comfort of latex gloves.

Successful products
Professional caregivers recognise the outstanding quality of our entire range, including:

DermaPrene Ultra, a synthetic, accelerator-free surgical glove;
Encore, a top-of-the-line surgical glove range for all types of surgery;
Gammex PF, a new generation of powder-free latex surgical gloves;
Micro-Touch, a superior examination glove combining comfort and safety.


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