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Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
3100 Hansen Way
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1038
Tel: 1.650.493.4000 

Website: Website


The company operates businesses in several areas:
The Oncology Systems business is the world's leading supplier of radiotherapy products for treating cancer, as well as informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics. Its products include linear accelerators, simulators, proton therapy systems, and a broad range of accessories and interconnected software tools for planning, verifying, and delivering the most advanced radiation, radiosurgical, and brachytherapy treatments. Varian's BrachyTherapy operation is the technology leader in products used for treating cancer by temporarily inserting radiation sources within tumor sites.

Varian Surgical Sciences produces technology for stereotactic radiosurgery and neurosurgery, for the treatment of cancer and other disorders of the central nervous system.

The X-ray Products business manufactures X-ray tubes and flat-panel imagers that cover a range of applications including CT and other diagnostic imaging, mammography, and radioscopic/fluoroscopic imaging.

The Security and Inspection Products Group is the market leader in high-energy X-ray devices for non-destructive testing and cargo screening.

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