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ScanMed® Introduces the World's First Wearable Prostate Coil: The PROCURE™


ScanMed of Resonance Innovations LLC is proud to introduce a world's first to the MRI market: The PROCURETM Coil. The latest product in ScanMed's Game-Changer Coil Line is the The PROCURE™ Coil (Prostate, Rectum, Ovaries, Cervix, Uterus, Reproductive). The PROCURETM features a first-of-a-kind, lightweight SemiFlexTM design that facilitates effortless and accurate positioning. Similar to wearing a diaper, this dedicated MRI coil positions the multiple antenna elements as close as possible to the target anatomies regardless of patient size. The enclosure for the antenna set is made of flexible liquid impermeable, biocompatible materials.

Accompanying this state-of-the-art product are disposable liners so that the coil can be easily changed between patients. This phased array coil can be configured to operate with an endorectal probe and also accommodates popular biopsy systems. ScanMed's revolutionary design offers improved SNR and uniformity that is needed for today's more aggressive protocols. 

"There is an increase of the use of multi-parametric prostate MRI, as more and more urologists realize its significant value for early diagnosis. The prostate, however, is an organ that is located deep in the pelvis. Its distance to the surface is posteriorly, anteriorly and caudally significant. Therefore a special coil needs to be developed for optimal signal reception. The PROCURE has elements that also receive signal from the caudal part of the prostate. Its design therefore is unique. Initial results show an increased SNR compared to standard coils. Thus this coil potentially can visualize the prostate with improved resolution at same imaging time."

Dr. Jelle Barentsz: Professor of Radiology - Radboud Prostate MR-Reference Center

Currently stationed in the Netherlands, Dr. Barentsz has become a leading specialist in Prostate MRI worldwide. He will serve as the Course Director at the ARRS Prostate MR Imaging Symposium in October, where ScanMed's executive team will be in attendance. ScanMed will also be showcasing their new product at multiple symposiums this fall.

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