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Dale Medical Products Launches IV-ARMOR™, An Innovative Solution To Reducing Problematic IV Occlusions


Dale Medical Products is launching an innovative solution to a longstanding clinical challenge: IV occlusions. Until now, patients requiring IV lines had to either limit their mobility or risk having an occlusion due to kinked tubing. Dale's new IV-ARMOR™, a flexible, protective overlay, maximizes continuous IV flow even during patient movement. Dale's IV-ARMOR helps maintain IV patency without the need for a stiff immobilizing device. The protective overlay covers the IV site comfortably, allowing patients greater freedom to move naturally and clinicians the ability to access the site easily for inspection.

Additionally, by maintaining patency, the product minimizes health risks resulting from patients not receiving their infusions, and also holds the potential to reduce risk of infection associated with IV reinsertions.

"It's a problem that interferes with patient care that every nurse has to deal with on a regular basis. The key to addressing this issue was maintaining the right balance of preservation with flexibility so patients can be protected and continue their activities of daily living. That's exactly what IV-ARMOR does."

Andrea Wilborn: Inventor - IV-ARMOR 

"Patient satisfaction increased significantly when we started using the Dale IV-ARMOR. Not only is it simple to use, and easy to incorporate as a standard of care, it also addresses the frequent problem of occlusion alarms going off due to patient movement. We've found that by reducing these false alarms, we save valuable nursing time and minimize unnecessary patient concern."

Deanna Johnston: Clinical Nurse Specialist - Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Chula Vista, CA.

"Dale's IV-ARMOR is the perfect example of how the company is committed to collaborating with healthcare practitioners to create truly innovative products. We are focused on fulfilling practical medical needs and ensuring that patients have the best quality care products available."

John Brezack: President - Dale Medical Products

For more information about the Dale IV-ARMOR flexible, productive overlay, visit www.dalemed.com

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