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mySugr announce new education platform for people with diabetes


International diabetes health and service company mySugr, has launched a new online education platform for sufferers of diabetes. mySugr Academy is an online training program for people with diabetes that was developed by doctors, dietitians, nurses, and people with diabetes.

The first course answers many questions that come during the shock of diagnosis: What does this mean? What can I eat? Will diet & exercise help? The content is delivered through fun animated videos along with playful elements of gamification - without any of the typical guilt or shame often associated with diabetes diagnosis. The smartphone apps of diabetes focused startup mySugr have already gained favor with more than 170,000 users.

Payers, both public and private, are working with mySugr to determine how best to integrate mySugr's impactful method of educating. The Austrian Social Insurance Authority for Commerce and Industry (SVA) is the first national health insurer to cover the costs of mySugr Academy.

Many patients with type 2 diabetes feel confused, overwhelmed and discouraged at the time of diagnosis, and traditional approaches to diabetes education often don't address these critical problems. mySugr Academy aims to breathe a sense of fun and whimsy into diabetes education. People need to feel engaged and encouraged, and Academy's approach is sure to help.

Dr. William H. Polonsky: President - Behavioral Diabetes Institute, San Diego, CA



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